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Last day of school


Friday was a very tiring week. I only slept for 5 hours, having spent the night thinking about how to continue learning the Russian language at home and the many articles that I want to write. I was also writing down some new year’s resolution, one thing that I have not done for a long time.

Maria was already waiting for 10 minutes when I opened my room’s door, barely finished with my quick oatmeal breakfast. She noticed how tired I am and made the lessons for that day easier, a lot of listening, geography and the use of HA and B. I still don’t fully understand the rules of accusative and prepositional cases and it’s haunting me in my dreams. I will need a lot of practice for that. And there’s still three more cases to go.

During the break, I gifted Maria with truffles from Belgium. I think I made her happy with it. It’s almost Christmas in Russia (January) and the teachers are already looking forward to vacation. Mine will go to Egypt although she is a bit afraid of the violence and disturbances happening there.

Unlike my first day of lessons with Maria, I can now converse with her a little, in my broken Russian of course. It’s a nice feeling whenever I make her laugh talking in Russian. I am quite proud of that.

“Probably five-year old kids can speak better than me despite these two weeks of learning,” I said to her. Sometimes I tell her to teach me like how she would teach a five-year old kid.

That works sometimes, most of the time not. The mind of an adult is not as receptive as a kids anymore. We already have too much in mind – work, family, living etc. And we already have biases. In terms of language, adults tend to question why a certain a language is use in a particular manner and not like the one we are used to. I hope I can switch off English, Dutch and Filipino sometimes so that I can better understand Russian. But that’s not possible, unfortunately.

It’s long way to go before I can master this language. I think I would have to shed a lot of tears, like I did on Friday. But that’s how it is, no pain, no gain.

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    December 29, 2012 at 10:19 pm

    Hi! Me again 🙂
    On the other hand, kids don’t have the stamina of an adult in learning, the extended focus and attention span, the intellectual strategies to decode, understand and memorize completely unknown information. So keep it up. It’s only hard.
    By the way, one of the strategies my language profs taught me is to actually compare and contrast the grammar of my native language to the new ones I was learning. Literal, word for word translations turn out so clumsy and funny sometimes that they stick to the memory effortlessly.
    “В фильме снимались: Мишель Пфайфер”
    “In the film themselves have pulled down: Michelle Pfeiffer”
    All these actors kept pulling themselves down and slipping off hangers and strings as if they were dry laundry all throughout the movie, that’s one silly movie to watch!

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