• Rome: Dinner, overnight and a mad dash to the wine store

    Monday, March 12, 2012 0 Permalink

    Note: Sorry for the crappy Blackberry photos. My time in Rome was very short and very hectic that's why I wans't able to take decent photos. In the Philippines, we call a 24-hour trip an "overnight" because it means spending a night somewhere else than your own house. Kids and teenagers usually look forward to "overnights" at their friends' houses - it's a way of getting away from the prying eyes of their parents while enjoying time with ...

  • One day affair: Pompous Rome!

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    Rome and I, we had a very brief affair in the summer of 2011. An affair that involves only sleeping and eating together. I barely got to know him but the few hours that I spent in his cradle left me with very strong impressions which would be hard to compare with any other city. At a glance Rome is imposing and intimidating but with during my short rendezvous with him, I realized that it is ...

  • In Italy, I’ll never get fat

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    Carpaccio and champagne at Villa Laguna in Lido island, Venice If you are following my blog, you probably noticed that my last trip to Venice was the 4th I've made in just a little over a year. Only one of these was for pure leisure. But I love every moment that I was there despite a few hassles here and there. The sun, the sea, the carefree Mediterranean attitude and the wines... I couldn't get ...

  • Bassano del Grappa: My favourite place in Italy

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    There are places that we have to visit at least once in our lifetime. Venice or Rome for example. AND there are special places where we go back again and again because it gives us beautiful memories. My favourite place in Italy is Bassano del Grappa, a small city in the outskirts of Venice. It lies at the foot of the majestic Monte Grappa, from which it borrowed it's name.  In addition to the snow-capped mountain, the ...

  • A Cinderella in Venice: Finding the perfect shoes

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    I've been scouting for the perfect shoes online and ordered at least four pairs in the last two months. Three of them went back to the retailers while the last pair I sold to a friend. Buying shoes online is both tricky and expensive and I usually end up paying more than what I bargained for. In Holland they don't usually have my size and good shoes comes with high price tag. When my business trip ...

  • My 1st Italian trip in Experience Travel and Living Magazine

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      One year ago, as part of my solo birthday trip, I went to Venice for almost a week. It was one of my most enjoyable vacations and until now, I can still vividly picture the beautiful Bassano del Grappa (a town an hour and a half away from Venice). I can still  feel the tranquility it gave me one afternoon, in my search for the best grappa in the world. I stayed at the famous Lido ...

  • Liquid from the gods: a dinner in Alghero

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    I sat on one of their chairs outside with only one purpose - pacify my growling stomach. A flight always makes me tired no matter how short or long the trip was. It was already 7pm and my last meal was seven hours ago. I did not expect to be satisfied neither be amused by the view. But dining in Quarte Sayal, opposite the boardwalk of Alghero city center gave me a totally different experience. Quarte ...

  • Sardinia: Few things to know before you go

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    I suck at planning a travel itinerary. I'm the kind of person who jumps on a plane, bus or train to go to a place that fancy without even a map at hand. Most of the time it cost me so much time, money and effort which frustrates me rather than enjoying. But then that's the joy of travelling solo, the adventure and the unexpected fun that you get from your travelling mistakes. And you'd ...

  • Conversations at the beach: Lido Island, Italy

    Thursday, December 30, 2010 1 Permalink

    In July 2010, I took yet another birthday sojourn in Italy, a month before my birthday. Wanting to escape crowded Venice, I decided to stay in Lido Island, about 15 minutes away by vaporetto (water bus). Much as I wanted to spend my four-night stay in Grand Hotel de Bains, the famous setting of Death in Venice, my budget settled me instead in a rather dingy hotel called Vime Byron which is located few meters away from ...

  • From Lido Island to San Marco

    Monday, October 18, 2010 1 Permalink

    Last July, I took almost a week of vacation in Italy. Everyday I would take the boat from Lido Island to San Marco, to the train station in Sta Lucia, to Murano or other places in Venice. Here is the lovely sights at the banks of the Venetian Lagoon. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.